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So I am rebranding myself for the final time (this time it is for real) and I have been going back and forth with using the color gold and/or bronze (both colors kind of coincide for me).

What do you think, yes or no? 

combining worlds.

I am so excited to share this new idea with you guys!

So I was thinking yesterday about how I tend to live in two worlds when it comes to passions of mine. I went to school for design and I am trying to make a career out of it. On the other hand I love to spend time perfecting my baking skills and making yummy treats for everyone. So why not combine to two worlds?

I have decided that every time I make a tasty treat I am going to blog about it AND THEN brand it! Genius, right? 

So the above logo is my first go at it. 

What do you guys think, is it as great of an idea as I think it is?

bold as love.

Listen to John Mayer's Bold As Love and try to understand what he means by yellow is not so mellow.

The above image was made in inspiration of that song.

i love pumpkins.

pictures taken by John Choura

Last October my boyfriend John Choura and I got a little extra creative with our pumpkin carving. The above images are the two pumpkins we ended up with; mine being the floral and his being the wood.

Two ideas we came across last year to make pumpkin carving easier:

1. Use an xacto knife to do the carving. The little plastic tools they sell at Albertsons just doesn't cut it (pun!) when you're trying to be detailed.

2. Use Christmas lights to light up the inside rather than a candle. The candle melts, goes out fast and can make the pumpkin rot faster on the inside but Christmas lights can last for as long as you need them too.

Happy carving!


This is the only way these three elements can be put together without looking like a watermelon!