circle scarves.

Circle scarves are the perfect way to ween in fall fashion for you Southern California ladies. Some days it still feels like summer and some days we see fall making it's way into our beautiful cities. Circle scarves are so cute and work on days when it feels like fall in the morning but then switches to summer in the afternoon. They keep you warm and stylish.

You can find all of these scarves at MADEWELL

christian siriano.

Christian Siriano's new spring/summer collection has been all over the blogs and fashion world and I must say I really love it. I'm a simple, color, pattern girl and this collection is nothing but all three. Check out the rest of the collection HERE


This is the only way these three elements can be put together without looking like a watermelon!

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We all know the saying 'No white after Labor Day' and I never really understood what it meant until this year. Summer is technically over after Labor Day and fall begins! With that being said people say save the white for the summer and start wearing fall colors.

Well it still feels like summer here in Southern California so I know people are still rockin the shorts, tank tops and dresses. I say keep the white going! As you can tell from the pics above there are plenty of ways to keep white in the mix while still adding some fall colors and/or fall items like jackets and pants well at least until real fall weather and festives roll around.