There are so many creative people in the world it is just sick. I L O V E this chair and it is only one of the amazing collection done by Donna Wilson. This is so my next craft.

I L O V E ombre so when I discovered that wedding cakes were getting ombred I freaked out! OH MY GOSH! People are getting more and more creative every day and I cannot wait to ombre out my wedding cake someday! I love ombre so much I even did it to my website down below!

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For those of you who have yet to be introduced to one of my favorite blogs of all time you are in for a real treat: THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT It is a beauty blog that was started with Lauren Conrad and her hair stylist and makeup artist.  The blog gives great tips about hair, makeup and beauty trends as well as gives tutorials on how to do the tips they share!

During the 4th of July LC and her hair stylist did a tutorial on how to dye the tips of your hair in a super chic way. You can find that here. So after reading that I really wanted to do it. I had never dyed my hair before so this was a pretty crazy risk but so worth it. My wonderful friends did it for me and it turned out to be a great summer look (at the time). Above is a picture of it 2 weeks in so it was a little faded but I still loved it.

Give it a try and don't forget to look at LC's blog!

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I L O V E L E M O N S. It is crazy how many inventive creations can be made using lemons. I think I'm going to try something lemony today. Enjoy!

For all you girls out there who are looking to get engaged (and we all know almost every girl is) or just love to look at rings I have a wonderful little treat for you and it is called diamondintherough.com . These little gems have a ROUGH diamond on the inside, meaning the diamond has not yet been cut! It still has its original organic curves and color. BUT the best thing about this ring is that no other girl will have the same ring as you!! It will be YOUR VERY OWN special diamond ring.

Don't let this website sneak by you as your looking for a wonderful ring.